Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted by admin on 19-12-2017

Social responsibility is our commitment, in which A&S LAW focuses on the following operations:

+ Donation
+ Scholarship for legal students, who have excellent study results as well as have poor condition.
+ Give opportunities for excellent students to practice legal practice in our law firm.
+ Cooperate with universities to educate law for their students

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Sustainable business environment is ensured by the law firm. For instance, recycled paper for printing and copying requirements are preferred. Also, staffs are trained and required to reduce waste production and to carefully separate waste for the recycling purpose.

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The website addresses of the worldwide trademark and patent offices are as hereafter: Algeria Andorra Croatia Armenia Czech Republic Australia Denmark Austria Estonia Azerbaijan Eurasian Belarus Europe Belgium Finland Brazil France Bulgaria Georgia Canada Germany Chile Greece Hong Kong Panama […]

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