Franchise in Vietnam


Franchise in Vietnam

Posted by admin on 28-12-2017

Franchise in Vietnam is comprehensively regulated. Therefore, the number of franchise registration in Vietnam is gradually increasing. A large number of companies or enterprises considers Vietnam as a potential market for franchise activities. In order to register franchise in Vietnam, the following information must be acknowledged by both franchisor and franchisee:

Who is Eligible for registering franchise in Vietnam

It is advised that since under the law of Vietnam on franchise that franchisor must have been operating its business for at least 01 year. After granting franchising to franchisee in Vietnam, in case franchisee would like to grant this right to other sub-franchisees, this is only conducted after one year counted from the date of receiving your franchise.


Documents for registering franchise in Vietnam

– Legalized Financial Reports in the last year

– Business License of the company: Need to be signed and sealed (if any) then LEGALIZED in Vietnam Embassy

– Copied trademark Certificate of your company or trademark application in Vietnam (if any)

– Brief Introduction of franchisor in English and Vietnamese. The Vietnamese version shall be handled by A&S LAW.

– Power of Attorney: form provided by A&S LAW.

– Application of Registration: Form and Drafted by A&S LAW

Time frame of registering franchise in Vietnam

– Within 02-03 days from the date of receiving your relevant documents, A&S LAW will submit the application to Ministry of Industry and Trade.

– Granting franchise certificate: 02-03 weeks (applicable in straight forward case)

Fee for registering franchise in Vietnam

Attorney’s fee for franchise registration in Vietnam shall be charged case by case.

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