Human Resources and Pension


Human Resources and Pension

Posted by admin on 19-12-2017

A&S LAW has dedicated lawyers specializing on human labor law. In particular, the division is supported by professional lecturers in the famous law universities in Vietnam. The law firm’s team is advising local and international enterprises, individuals on a wide range of labor-related issues including drafting labor contract, dispute arising from labor contract, breach of labor contract, employees’ compensation, work permit for foreign workers, labor disputes, pension and retirement schemes.


Why choose A&S LAW for advising on human labor law in Vietnam?

– The law firm’s labor consultancy division may advise clients including employers and employees at every stage. Our advice on labor law is highly appreciated by the clients due to its practice and predicting aspects.

– Our lawyers understand the different viewpoints between Vietnam legal system and other common law and civil law, then provide the most effective advice to meet our clients’ rights.

– The law firm is offering legal advice to both employers and employees of large, medium and small enterprises.

– The law firm’s lawyers may speak English, French, Japan, and Chinese.

A&S LAW’s lawyers provide the following comprehensive services:

  • Drafting, negotiating labor contract and other related aspects of labor contract including employee’s interests, employer’s rights, termination of labor contract, types of labor contract, union agreement, breach of labor contract.
  • Offering legal advice on employment matters upon restructuring company or M&A.
  • Advising on employment disputes.
  • Obtaining work permit in Vietnam.

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