International Registration of trademark


International Registration of trademark

Posted by admin on 26-12-2017

International Registration of trademark. With associates and a long term relationship in more than 62 countries, A&S LAW is providing the trademark services in international scope. Local and international clients prefer using the services of A&S LAW since with only one instruction and one main contact address, they can successfully register their trademark in different countries.

They use A&S LAW as their outsource trademark service rather than maintain their own in house trademark attorneys.

The following jurisdictions are covered by A&S LAW:

Albania Germany Oman
Andorra Greece Peru
Argentina Greenland Philippines
ARIPO Hong Kong Poland
Australia Hungary Qatar
Bahrain India Russia
Bangladesh Indonesia Saudi Arabia
Belgium Ireland Singapore
Bolivia Israel Slovenia
Brazil Italy South Korea
Brunei Japan Spain
Cambodia Jordan Switzerland
Canada Kazakhstan Syria
China Kuwait Taiwan
Cyprus Laos Thailand
Czech Republic Luxembourg Turkey
Denmark Macao UAE
Ecuador Malaysia Ukraine
Estonia Mexico United Kingdom
European Union Myanmar USA
Finland Netherlands Venezuela
France Norway Yemen

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