Intellectual Property Services


Conditions for protection of folklore works

Folklore works mean productions consisting of characteristic elements of the traditional artistic heritage developed and maintained by a community, or by individuals reflecting the traditional artistic expectations of their community by anonymous, such as: folk tales, folk poetries, folk songs, […]

Intellectual Property Services

A&S Law is the reputed Vietnam intellectual property Firm (IP Firm in Vietnam) with associates in more than 62 countries. Through our international association, the law firm’s lawyers have enhanced the experience to represent clients efficiently and cost-effectively globally. We […]

Industrial design in Vietnam

1. Criteria of protecting design in Vietnam In order to protect design in Vietnam, the design must meet the following requirements: + Industrial application + Novelty step + Inventive step 2. Time frame 2.1 Design search in Vietnam: This process […]

Regulatory Advice (Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology) in Vietnam

A&S LAW’s trademark attorneys and patent attorneys have experience in advising local and international clients on regulation of pharmaceuticals in Vietnam. Our service of regulatory advice on pharmaceuticals includes: • – Search and analyze available trademarks for registration • – […]

Business Confidential Information Disputes

Since condition to protect Business confidential information is strict, enterprises are concerned about the necessary to meet such condition. Otherwise, they cannot handle any disputes caused by unauthorized disclosure of their business confidential information. Owners of Business Confidential Information shall […]

Anti-Counterfeiting in Vietnam

Foreign companies concern much about the problem of counterfeiting when they plan to invest in any countries since the counterfeit goods may negatively affect their prestige. Presently, like other developing countries, counterfeiting is a major concern in Vietnam. Recognizing the […]

Copyright in Vietnam

Applicant can claim for copyright in Vietnam for the subjects including software copyright, writing work copyright, and art work copyright. Required documents and procedure for protecting copyright of these subjects as hereafter: 1. Protecting software copyright in Vietnam In contrast […]

Design Portfolio Management in Vietnam

With a view to helping clients to save time and budget, we established the division of patent management with the main role of advising and assisting them on monitoring their patent’s portfolios. This process is vital since fee of patent […]

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