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Patent in Laos

Who can file patent/utility model in Laos? a-National or resident of Laos, or b-National or resident of member of Paris Convention. Claiming priority 12 months from the first filing date. Validity of patent in Laos Patent in Laos is valid […]

Patent in Cambodia

Who can file patent/utility model in Cambodia? a-National or resident of Cambodia, or b-National or resident of member of Paris Convention for the protection of protection of industrial property or WTO. Claiming priority Application may claim the priority of one […]

Trademark search & Selection in Vietnam

Trademark search is optional, the process, however, is important to identify the availability of intentional trademarks; or to inspect if the new trademark is infringing or conflicting to existing trademarks. Sometimes, trademark search is also conducted to obtain the information […]

Patent Portfolio Management

With a view to helping clients to save time and budget, we established the division of patent management with the main role of advising and assisting them on monitoring their patent’s portfolios. This process is vital since fee of patent […]

Draft patent’s specification in Vietnam

Patent’s specification is vital as it ensures the largest scope of protection of an invention. A&S LAW’s patent attorneys graduated from the leading universities have successfully drafted such specification for clients. In some special cases, A&S LAW also co-operates with […]

Patent in other countries | A&S Law

With reputed associates in at least 62 countries, A&S LAW is advising domestic and foreign clients on protecting their patents globally. During the co-operation, our patent attorneys are equipped information of required documents, procedures and major issues to enter patent […]

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