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Thai Nguyen is one of the “kingdoms of tea” in Viet Nam. Tea made from Thai Nguyen not only is local food but also  have high economic value. For easer to expand, the holders should register their trademarks for being protected. Today A&S Law will consult you about necessary documents for tea trademark registration in Thai Nguyen as follow:

If holders fill their application by themselves, they shall need to prepare:

(a) 02 application

(b) Samples of trademark

(b) the list of products/services containing the trademark

(c) Fee Receipts

They will have to do a lot in this procedure

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chè thái nguyên

If holders authorize industrial property representative like A&S Law.

A&S Law will represent them to perform the rest of the procedure. clients may rest assured that their milk tea trademarks will be successfully registered.

They only need to prepare:

(a) such above documents

(b) POA (following the sample of A&S law)

Why choose A&S LAW for advising on tea trademark registration in Thai Nguyen?

It isn’t random when A&S Law are appointed to become the legal and intellectual property consultant of the no.1 entities in the world. They may come from Viet Nam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Hong Kong, Thai Lan, Switzerland. Australia, and EU… They have been extremely satisfied during the time they do business in Viet Nam and around the world.

The success of A&S Law comes from:

– The law firm’s lawyers may speak several languages such as English, French, Japanese, and Chinese. This shall be one of A&S Law’s advantages if international clients want to register the milk tea trademark in Viet Nam or national clients want to expand to the world.

– With lawyers and consultants are professional having 5 year experiences in intellectual property, A&S Law has consulted and has successfully registered thousands trademarks so far.

Contact with A&S Law as soon as possible to be consulted. 

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