Trademark watching in vietnam


Trademark watching in vietnam

Posted by admin on 27-12-2017

In principle, trademark applications shall be published on Gazette to raise people aware of these registrations. A&S LAW’s trademark watching division shall monitor and inspect such publication timely to identify trademarks similar or confusing similar to our clients’ trademarks or well-known trademarks. If such similar or confusing similar trademarks are found, it is highly recommended that you should file an appeal to such registrations. The appeal is significant since some trademark office’s examiners may not fully understand all aspects and then still decide to issue registration certificate for such trademarks. In addition, in many jurisdictions, Trademark Offices shall not reject trademark applications based on the earlier similar and confusing similar trademarks, but only consider if they receive claims from the owners of the earlier trademarks. Therefore, the operation of trademark watching should be highlighted to ensure their exclusive rights to their trademarks.

A&S LAW offer full watching service of trademarks in Vietnam and international. Moreover, A&S LAW also conducts our own system of watching market to identify trademarks infringing to clients’ rights. Then, a proper advice shall be offered to clients.

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