Open representative office in Vietnam


Open representative office in Vietnam

Open representative office in vietnam, Vietnam representative office

Open representative office in vietnam, Vietnam representative office

According to Vietnam law, representative office in Vietnam is not a legal entity. Business activities of representative office in Vietnam are restricted, the representative office, however, may be lawful to:

– sign contract on behalf their parent companies/enterprises on the basis of relevant authority; to do research market;

– enhance co-operation of protects; to monitor the development of contract signed between their parent company and a Vietnamese party;

and other lawful activities.

Representative office is not required to pay tax, except personal income tax. Presently, companies from these following jurisdictions are dominant in opening representative office in Vietnam: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia.

In order to open representative office in Vietnam – Vietnam representative office, a company need to meet requirements and to prepare documents as follows:

A license issued by a competent authority is compulsory to open representative office in Vietnam. In addition to the condition that the parent company must operate for at least 01 year in original country prior to open representative office in Vietnam, the required documents for the application for obtaining such license include:

Required documents Provided by
Application A&S LAW
A certified copy of the Business Certificate of Incorporation Applicant
A certified copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company Applicant
A certified copy of the audited financial statement of the parent company for the latest financial year Applicant
Passport or Identification of Chief representative office Applicant
Office lease contract. A&S LAW shall introduce you the suitable office if required. Applicant

Time Frame to open representative office in Vietnam:

15-25 days from the date after legitimate documents are submitted.
Importantly, after being issued the license, it is compulsory that the new representative office shall publish their information on a competent newspaper in Vietnam. A&S LAW shall advise on the list of such newspaper, if required.

Term of License of Vietnam representative office:

The license of Vietnam representative office shall be valid for five years and can be renewed. In such case of renewal, the Vietnam representative office need to submit an application at least thirty days prior to the due date.

Our scope of services of opening Vietnam representative office:

– Providing advice prior to submitting the dossier for opening representative office in Vietnam
– Preparing the required documents
– Translating the documents into Vietnamese and then notarizing them
– Submitting the dossier for opening representative office in Vietnam. Then, work with Vietnam authority to ensure that the license shall be issued punctually.
– Guiding clients to complete the required procedures after being issued the license.
– Supporting clients during their business operation in Vietnam.

Other sources: you could also check the options of opening new company in Vietnam here, doing business in Vietnam here.

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